Nicaragua Surfari

Every year Miles and I do a surf trip to somewhere new. The reasons for this are:

  1. To surf.
  2. To surf.
  3. To go some place we’ve never been (this is important).

We spent some time researching where to go this year for our surfari, and finally decided on Nicaragua in Central America. Mainly what we were looking for was a destination with warm water, consistent swell, and somewhere where the Australians don’t outnumber the locals.

We met up with our friends Patrick and Judy for the first few days of our trip, and headed to the southern part of Nica where most of the waves are this time of year. We stayed at Playa Remanso, which had a playful wave (rights and lefts) and a cool vibe on the beach where we drank Tonas (the local beer) in between surf sessions.

Next stop after Remanso was to head North to Gigante, which is a small fishing village that doesn’t really have a break (besides Amarillo just North), but is a great spot for catching a boat to some of the surrounding breaks. Gigante had a fun backpacker vibe, and we met some really rad people from Canada, Europe and the states, along with some local Nicaraguans. My few years of high school and college Spanish classes were really put to use. None of the locals really speak English, besides our friend Zack who is self-taught.

After a few days in Gigante, we went North again to Colorados, which is probably the most well-known break in Southern Nica. It was a heavy wave and I didn’t surf as much as Miles did, but the beach here was perfect and I had no complaints.