Greek Chicken Pizza

This is a perfect alternative to a heavy pepperoni pizza with it’s light yogurt sauce, cucumbers and salty Kalamatas. It is also on the healthier side, as far as pizzas go, and it uses my favorite Tzaziki sauce (which you can find the recipe for here ).  Our friend Justin jokes that he can’t eat this pizza because his wife won’t kiss him afterwards, but I think that the garlic-breath is totally worth it!


The BEST Post-Workout Smoothie (that you can afford to have every day)

I never want to eat a big meal after I workout (I usually don’t have an appetite at all), but this always appeals to me after a long run. It is the perfect thing to sip on right after you finish your workout and then in the car on the way to work, and a perfect way to tide you over until you can eat a meal. I started drinking this delish smoothie after every workout for the past few months, and I have seriously noticed more muscle definition and a better recovery as well. Bonus: there are only 3 ingredients (and they’re cheap), and you probably already have them in your kitchen.


Spaghetti Squash and Roasted Veggie Bowl

This was a perfect vegetarian weeknight dinner! It really made me feel like I could go without pasta for the rest of my life.

I didn’t plan on doing a post for this since I had already done something similar, but I’ve had a few requests for this recipe after I posted a picture of it on Instagram (You can follow me: Mgcarp28). Therefore, I only have this one dinky picture that doesn’t really do this dish justice.